On-Demand SRT Webinars

Missed our live webinars? Don’t worry you can catch up and listen to the on-demand webinars now.

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is rapidly being adopted as the streaming method of choice for broadcasters, streaming specialists and it is also rapidly becoming an integral part of the post production workflow.

Tyrell and our strategic partners will be presenting two workflow webinars where we will discuss why we believe SRT is becoming the most important tool in our armoury. We will also demonstrate how SRT or Satellite Replacement Technology is influencing our partner’s product development plans- presenting you with the best operational value.

SRT Satellite Replacement Technology: Contribution & Ingest

Join Tyrell and our partners as we discuss the following:

  • Haivision – What is SRT and its use in Haivision encoders.
  • AVIWEST– How SRT is changing the world of bonded cellular contribution.
  • Avid – How MediaCentral|Stream and SRT is changing the way content is ingested and managed in their platform.

Listen Now: https://www.tyrellcct.com/srt-webinar-contribution-ingest/


SRT Satellite Replacement Technology – Post Production & Distribution

Join Tyrell and our partners as we discuss the following:

  • Haivision – How SRT and Haivision decoders can support a virtualised or on-premise remote workflow.
  • Avid – How SRT is supported in Avid MediaCentral|UX and Media Composer.
  • Wildmoka- How security through encryption, multi-stem audio support and low latency streaming is changing the way content is distributed to audiences to keep users engaged on multiple platforms.
  • Telestream- Telestream will be demonstrating the monitoring of IP streams through their iQ platform.

Listen Now: https://www.tyrellcct.com/srt-webinar-post-production-and-distribution/