Livestream launches Livestream Studio HD1710  

Livestream launches Livestream Studio HD1710

Livestream Studio HD1710

Livestream has recently released the Livestream Studio HD1710, a supercharged rack-mount switcher for the most demanding productions. 

This Live Production switcher is an ideal solution for rack mounting in production trucks, control rooms, venue and studios and combines big switcher production capability with an affordable price. 

The Livestream Studio HD1710 is ideal for producers who rely on complex setups for their streams and require switchers with the most enhanced capabilities. The HD1710 can ingest up to 17 HDMI or professional HD-SDI cameras and display on up to 4 screens for optimal viewing. Its removable 2TB hard drives can record 4 simultaneous ISO recordings, 2 remote cameras, and 60 hours of broadcast quality program output. 

Having control over production and distribution has been high on all commercial and non-commercial organisation’s agendas since the COVID pandemic started. Livestream has been an incredibly popular brand for production streaming and with the Livestream Studio HD1710 they have moved into a world which until now has been dominated by a single brand. This is brilliant news for users as they now have an alternative option. It is great to see Livestream leading the way for on-premise and remote productions. 

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