Tyrell launches tms

Tyrell launches tms

We are pleased to announce the launch of tms (tyrell media services)– a range of bespoke, reliable,  scalable cloud services for production, post production and broadcast.  

Leveraging our extensive industry and cloud experience we have developed a set of services powered by leading manufacturers. This will allow anyone involved in content creation to take advantage of the power of the cloud without the run-away cost or steep learning curve that is often associated with cloud services. Hybrid by design,  tms  enables clients to align their operational costs with their project cycles. 

tms  provides bespoke, reliable,  scalable cloud services for production, post production and broadcast with no manufacturer lock in, giving clients the freedom to choose. These can be integrated into a fully managed service provided by our industry leading experts, to either meet the needs of new business, or be integrated into your existing workflows.  

tms can also provide custom bespoke workflows with multiple connectors and open integration into leading manufacturer technology.  Taking the pressure away from client’s teams, so that they can focus on delivering projects. 

“Now more than ever cloud technology is playing an important role in how content is produced. COVID along with changes in both working practices and in the economic model of content creation has forced companies to rethink how they support remote working,” said Nick Soper, Business Development, Cloud Strategy and Consulting at Tyrell.

“There is a greater need for an agile cost model that allows companies to flex with production cycles. Tyrell has launched tms to help media companies align their production costs to the agility that the cloud offers, by providing bespoke workflow services that take advantage of our partnerships with leading technology vendors.”

For more information about tms visit  Tyrell Cloud or have a chat with our experienced team today to see how you can harness the power of the cloud.

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