AVIWEST announces new product releases & updates

AVIWEST announces new product releases & updates

Normally at IBC you would only expect to see manufactures making a couple of product launch announcements. This year AVIWEST’s virtual IBC product release schedule was huge. They not only introduced new 5G units but also made a long list of additions to their STREAMHUB and MOJOPRO product lines. AVIWEST are really raising their game in the contribution market and we are really excited to partner with them and give you the lowdown on their new product releases:

New 5G Products 


  • Pro360- 6 x 5G modules 
  • Air320 and AIR220 – 2 x 5G modules  
  • Factory return for existing units to be upgraded. 
  • Demonstration Units available 


#BEonAIR Bundle


  • AVIWEST’s answer to the LiveU Solo.  
  • Air220 Encoder with StreamHub Cloud service.  
  • The bundle includes: 
    • 1 encoder stream in and 5 Streams out 
    • 1 Live transcoding license 
    • Unlimited data traffic 


STREAMHUB is a versatile receiver, decoder, playout and distribution platform or cloud-based service, supporting a large panel of functions and protocols for the easiest integration in existing workflows. (STREAMHUB is available as a Hardware, Cloud Server/Service/ Software Container).  

New Features: 

  • New Inputs- SRT, NDI, NDI HX (HLS, RTMPS, TSOIP, TRSP Existing) 
  • New Outputs- NDI, NDI HX, SMPTE2110 (SRT,  HLS, RTMPS, TSOIP, TRSP Existing) 
  • Video Return 1:1, 1:N AVIWEST supports a 1:1 and a 1:N distribution of program to all field encoders. Today this requires an SDI input into a RACK200 or RACK300 feeding the STREAMHUB. AVIWEST’s next release will feature an IP input stream into STREAMHUB for video return distribution and will remove the need for a RACK200 or RACK300 interface. 
  • All encoders will be supporting MP4 file format for encoder recording. Currently record as MPEG-TS. The MP4 will support editing requirements.  
  • Two new video patterns (colour tuning and audio only transmission) alongside existing colour circles used for network testing.  

MOJOPRO Series  

The MOJOPRO Series is the new ultimate video encoding and live streaming software application range, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. The software application allows flawless live streaming of videos, editing video files and forwarding recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds. Giving users the competitive edge. 


  • Android & iOS support 
  • OPUS audio codec for improved audio 
  • HEVC support enabling 30% data reduction 
  • Intercom and USB I/O Interface Support 
  • Video Return Modes – Local camera + Video return or Video return only 
  • Now included in AVIWEST news scheduling ‘mission’  
  • Enhanced scene framing for camera operator with improved GUI transparency 
  • Dual Record- iPhone 11 feature only. Supporting framing of two shots, ie wide and close up making it easy for post-production. 



AVIWEST’s newly launched MANAGERAdvanced Network Management System is a powerful in-house server or cloud-based central management system application, that enables broadcasters and video professionals to monitor and manage AVIWEST mobile devices or reception platforms. As well as third party equipment. 


  • High availability – important for fleet management during elections/breaking events. HA automatic as soon as a second manager is added to the network.  
  • 3 methods of Video Routing:
    • Drag and Drop from field unit and StreamHub output.  
    • Book STREAMHUB output (SDI or IP) for a dedicated transmitter 
    • Book STREAMHUB ouput (SDI or IP) directly from the output menu 

For more information or to place an order email sales@tyrellcct.com