Wildmoka New Partner

Tyrell and Wildmoka join forces

Tyrell and Wildmoka join forces


We are excited to share the news that Tyrell and Wildmoka have decided to join forces to address the UK & Ireland market needs.

Wildmoka was founded over seven years ago and within that time have established a customer base of over 100 prominent global broadcasters rights holders, brands and corporate organisations in sports, news and entertainment. Wildmoka provide a market leading, cloud-based media production platform for content creation and distribution to the full range of digital channels including web, mobile, social and more.

Wildmoka have led the way in responding to the increasing audience demand for premium and time-sensitive digital content distribution, by creating a set of tools and an optimised production workflow that allows news and sports broadcasters to automatically tailor live and recorded content directly to their audiences. Enabling them to publish content across multiple platforms in seconds, by using a simple web browser and a limited home broadband connection. Not only does this gives audiences a better viewing experience but it also opens up new revenue opportunities for broadcasters and content creators, as relevant ads and monetisation mechanisms can be triggered directly from the platform.

“There has been a seismic shift in how content is being consumed by all generations. This means a more agile approach is required by broadcasters and content creators to keep up with the increasing expectations and consumption models,” commented Dan Muchmore, Sales & Marketing Director at Tyrell. “Wildmoka talk about engaging with audiences through a content journey by publishing content in a matter of seconds across multiple platforms. They do this so well and are a truly exciting innovator.  We are proud to partner with them and their solution compliments the way we at Tyrell look at engaging audiences through innovation.”

Jamie Lakin, Sales Director for UK & Ireland at Wildmoka commented, “Wildmoka has identified Tyrell as a leading, trusted provider of media infrastructure and services across the United Kingdom and Ireland. In what has been a very busy time of scale-out for Wildmoka in region (and globally) in recent years, taking our time to identify the leading providers across our Media & Entertainment market has been an important period to bolster our channel strategy for key regions. Tyrell are greatly respected for their long-standing relationships with household broadcasters & brands, their expertise and overall approach to projects and support. Wildmoka are delighted to engage in this channel partner journey with Tyrell and look forward to working together to meet market demand in what is a very buoyant vertical.”