Avid NEXIS | VFS virtual file system

With the NEXIS F-Series release Avid is making a move to a subscription model for the Avid NEXIS | VFS virtual file system. Customers now have the choice of the following deployments: 

  • Capex– Perpetual- the traditional higher hardware cost and annual support from Year 2. 
  • Opex– Subscription- a lower initial hardware cost with a higher annual subscription to the file system that also includes support. 
  • SaaS– Avid Edit-On-Demand- NEXIS and Media Composer on Microsoft Azure Cloud. 
  • BYOC– Bring your own cloud- a small step for Avid outside of their SaaS offering. In this case your NEXIS|FLEX subscription will be in your own Azure VNET /VPC. 

Avid are not the first to head down this path, but they have been clever in identifying that their customers see a future in cloud production. NEXIS F-Series users will be able to migrate their NEXIS|FLEX subscription from their on-premises systems to the cloud as and when they are ready to. NEXIS|FLEX subscriptions can be migrated to Avid Edit-On-Demand or to your own Azure cloud environment. 

What do you need to know?  

  • NEXIS|FLEX subscription is only available on the NEXIS F-Series chassis. Users of E-Series will remain with the traditional perpetual licensing structure.
  • NEXIS|FLEX subscriptions are an annual term but multi-year subscriptions can be purchased. 
  • The Avid NEXIS Management console warns of impending subscription expiration 60 days before the license expires.  
  • If a subscription expires, regardless of the reason Avid will allow TWO read only connections to allow you to move your data.  
  • NEXIS|FLEX is available as an online and nearline annual subscription with each TB charged for as a flat rate. Unlike other manufacturers there isn’t a sliding scale which makes things clearer for the customer.  

Want to know more about Avid NEXIS|FLEX Subscription or Avid NEXIS F-Series or place an order? 

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