A relative newcomer to the broadcast scene is Twizted Design who were exhibiting as a featured startup this year at NAB. The team specialises in AR,VR and traditional graphics and they were there to showcase three innovative solutions for the broadcast graphics space.

Videoflow is a unique cloud-based platform that enables you to create real-time graphics, touchscreen applications and VR experiences with live or VOD streams, videos or images. With Videoflow you can create experiences that are not only based on live video, but also using existing images and videos, for example a 360 virtual tour in an apartment you wish to share with your client or an interactive presentation that uses existing video files and incredibly this can be achieved using tradional programs like Photoshop or After Effects.

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Template Farm

With Template Farm users can modify and preview Adobe After Effects projects online, from anywhere at anytime and on any device. It is a unique cloud platform that provides users a new simple way to produce high quality custom graphics. Once an After Effects project is saved in a local shared folder it becomes available online in seconds. Users can modify the template, populate it with new content and produce new graphics remotely. The graphics will be rendered by using the local After Effects instances. This way no upload or download is required.

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Flowgic is an integration toolkit. With Flowgic users can make any device in their production environment talk to any other device without writing a single line of code. Databases can drive graphics, social media feeds can be easily moderated and graphics, lights and cameras can be triggered with a single button.Flowgic is a plugins based application. This means that all the different features that Flowgic has are modular and can be expanded. Flowgic supports open API for plugins development for users who want to create their own plugins and expand the functionality of Flowgic to fit their specific environment requirements.

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With already some solid projects behind them from the likes of CBS, Fox Sports and Seven Networks. Twizted Design are truly one to watch in 2018

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