SNS NAB 2024

The Studio Network Solutions team are steadily coming to market with a compelling user and commercial story. Coming out of their NAB Show announcements are a raft of workflow developments that have caught our eye and are worth exploring further. 
Markers and subclips for Premier & Resolve 
One of the highlights from the updates is the ability to add timecode-specific markers to any media clip, creating frame-accurate comments searchable across their ShareBrowser MAM.

SNS have further developed their integration with Adobe Premier and Resolve, so that all subclips can be imported directly into these NLEs. This combination allows directors, producers and production staff to subclip content and annotate notes, that will be directly passed through to the editors timeline. Creating huge time savings and simplifying the end to end process. 
Bandwidth Control 
Another development which we think is innovative is how SNS have introduced a Control/throttle bandwidth. The new feature of bandwidth throttling is ideal for large volume users and connecting services to ensure that everyone can have the access and performance for their desired tasks. Create separation and control for jobs such as media movement and archiving or replication, whilst your editors and designers are working at full capacity. 

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