Tyrell Tip of the Month

Are you having to deal with one or more of the following? 

  • Managing various on-premise storage tiers serving offline, online, finishing, archive or disaster recovery 
  • Managing an increasing number of cloud storage platforms
  • Managing a growing requirement to support remote users 

If you answered yes to any of the above then this month’s Tyrell’s Tip is for you. With DNAfabric, StorageDNA has brought to market an elegant solution that provides the following, all from a centralised UI: 

  • Storage Analytics across all storage tiers- calculating how much your storage is costing per project, age of assets etc.  
  • Indexing of shared storage across on-premise, remote and cloud filesystems, camera cards, HDDs etc. File-System search with camera metadata search.  
  • Syncronisation between on-premise and cloud storage (File System to File System, File System to Object and vice versa), multi-location sync to support Avid/Adobe workflows and with granularity down to workspace, folder and even project bins.  
  • Conform from file system and object tiers, including cloud deep storage tiers.  
  • Multi-threading for indexing, syncing and WAN file transfers for sync and conforms.  

Unlike other solutions in this field DNAfabric is open. It preserves all data and doesn’t fall into the trap of vendor lock-in where the movement of files are concerned.  

StorgaeDNA DNA fabric


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