What’s in a Team- Kaitlin Cahillane

What’s in a Team- Kaitlin Cahillane



At Tyrell, it is one of our most dearly held beliefs that people buy from people – namely people that they like, respect and trust. So, that is why we are always proud to sing the praises of our exceptional team at every opportunity, because we know that it’s our multi-disciplined experts, with their wealth of experience, that ensure the success of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.

Recently, we’ve been getting to know our expert team a little bit better to prove that we really are the best in the business. This week we’re learning more about Junior Operations & Logistics Administrator, Kaitlin Cahillane and how she helps to ensure that Tyrell is a well-oiled, successful machine.

Name: Kaitlin Cahillane
Job title: Junior Operations & Logistics Administrator
Miles on the industry clock: 10 months

Kaitlin is relatively new to the Tyrell team having joined in October 2018, but she comes with a fervent passion for media technology and a valuable background and experience in IT, which has clearly benefitted the team no-end.

Kaitlin made the transition from the IT sector to the media tech industry because of her genuine interest in the film industry and she has not been disappointed with getting to know more about the world that has fascinated her so much from a young age. Even if that is simply getting the right kit to the customer on time so they can create content for the whole world to enjoy.

In Kaitlin’s role as a Junior Operations & Logistics Administrator at Tyrell, she ensures that all company orders are picked up and processed correctly. Using the knowledge that she’d gained from her previous position at One Source ICT, a business consulting firm, Kaitlin found the transition of processing orders and liaising with suppliers incredibly easy. For Kaitlin, it is vital that every customer is always kept up-to-date with the status of their order and by liaising with numerous big-brand manufacturers, including Clear-Com and Avid, Kaitlin can ensure that her product knowledge is of the highest standard and that Tyrell’s customers are always very well looked after.

Since she started at Tyrell, Kaitlin has also been given the added responsibility of importing and keeping supplier price books up-to-date, as well as adding all support contracts to Tyrell’s CRM, something she has proved more than adept at. Kaitlin’s role has also expanded to include the management of all of the new opportunities in the CRM system for the year ahead. This goes beyond Kaitlin’s original scope of Junior Logistics and opens her role up to more of a pre-sales/support element, which is something that she wholeheartedly enjoys and hopes to gain even more confidence in by the end of this year.

Kaitlin believes this to be one of the most exciting industries to work in at the moment and the one with the most potential to grow and keep developing, which is why she continues to throw herself headfirst into her role here at Tyrell and excels in doing so.

It is clear that Kaitlin loves working at Tyrell and firmly believes, now more than ever, that people buy from people. Kaitlin is adamant that the team at Tyrell is truly one of the best out there, explaining:

“Everyone has a natural instinct to help people and go above and beyond for each and every customer. I have felt a part of the team since day one and have never been happier working with a group of people as I have been here. The friendly, family like atmosphere here is so comforting and it creates a very calm atmosphere in the office, which is extremely important for work ethic!”

If you want to know more about Kaitlin and how she helps Tyrell customers with his expert industry knowledge and experience? Follow her on Linked In where you can find out what makes her, and us, tick.