What’s in a Team- Ross MacSween

At Tyrell, it is one of our most dearly held beliefs that people buy from people – namely people that they like, respect and trust. So, that is why we are always proud to sing the praises of our exceptional team at every opportunity, because we know that it’s our multi-disciplined experts, with their wealth of experience, that ensure the success of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.

Every week we’ve been getting to know our team a little bit better to show you exactly why we really are experts at what we do. Today, we’re sitting down with Technical Support Engineer Ross MacSween to find out more about his role at Tyrell.

Name: Ross MacSween
Job title: Technical Support Engineer
Miles on the industry clock: 18 years

A self-proclaimed problem solver, Ross started out with a degree in Art and Design but always had a passion for technology and initially wanted to become a cameraman. Unfortunately, having just moved to London and realising that the streets weren’t paved with gold, the need for a steady income called and Ross dutifully found himself making a never-ending amount of teas and coffees at a post facility in Soho. It was here he began to get his first real insight into the world of post-production and thus became hooked.

Amongst the relentless slog of office tea-making, Ross started to understand the complexity of the post-production process in more detail, largely thanks to the superbly clever people with whom he worked, and the more he learnt about it – the more he got drawn into it.

Leaving teapots firmly behind him, Ross then became a Video Tape Operator at MCR (part of the VTR group) where he learnt a great deal about a huge variety of tape formats and the emergence of high definition that was just coming in to play at the time.

Following this, Ross then joined NATS post production (which had then just been taken over by Evolutions) and it was here that his attention to detail earned him the nickname of ‘Hawkeye’ – due to him being very stringent with his QAR assessments. Ross continued to learn all about the wider aspects of post-production and saw how technology was becoming more and more a critical part of the process. It was this realisation that revealed Ross’s true passion for the technical aspects of media production and the opportunity to effectively problem solve. He was then offered a position at Halo, where his technical knowledge grew and he rapidly lost count of the number and type of systems he’d installed and repaired.

It was at this point in his journey that Ross was approached by Tyrell to join the team. Having worked in the industry for a number of years, Ross was already well aware of who Tyrell were. He had a meeting with Dan and Adam, rather inauspiciously, in a hotel lobby close to his home. Legend has it, that as soon as he met the dynamic duo, they won him over with their charms, and so Ross jumped at the offer to work with them.

Ross was further convinced he’d made the right move when his first day at Tyrell was spent on a training course on the sunny French Riviera! Although admittedly the Southwark office was apparently somewhat of a letdown after that……

Needless to say, since then Ross has never looked back and the Tyrell team is no doubt richer for having his unrivalled technical expertise onboard.

When Ross isn’t attempting to make beef jerky and brew ales in his spare time (don’t ask) you can catch up with him on LinkedIn here, where he looks forward to hearing from you…