What’s in a Team- Johnny Reed

At Tyrell, it is one of our most dearly held beliefs that people buy from people – namely people that they like, respect and trust. So, that is why we are always proud to sing the praises of our exceptional team at every opportunity, because we know that it’s our multi-disciplined experts, with their wealth of experience, that ensure the success of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.
Every week we’ll be sitting down with a member of the Tyrell team to get to know them a little better and to show you exactly why we’re the very best in the business. This week we’re taking a look at what drives Key Account Manager, Johnny Reed.

Name: Johnny Reed
Job title: Key Account Manager
Miles on the industry clock: 5.5 years

Tyrell’s own resident David Beckham, Johnny once scored a goal from the half-way line during one particularly fervent game of senior school football. Many years later, and due to many recurring injuries, Johnny’s footballing career has slid into obscurity but his star has continued to rise in the world of media production. Now a Key Account Manager at Tyrell, we don’t think he’s too glum about ‘what could have been.’

Johnny studied Broadcast Technology at Ravensbourne (please don’t ask him about Advanced Maths and the ensuing nightmares) and during his time there, he was able to oversee coverage of the 2012 Olympics whilst interning at Box Television – a spot which, very conveniently, enabled him to witness the winning of two GB gold medals.

After University, Johnny immediately landed himself a role as Junior Support Engineer at Input Media. It was whilst at Input that Johnny learnt to build and expand on the valuable skills gained at university that would set him up well for the strategic move he would later make to Tyrell.

Driven by the focus of working in a team environment, and with the desire to sharpen his skill-set for post-production support, Johnny was assured his move to Tyrell in 2014 was the right one for him. Tyrell Sales Director Dan Muchmore however, upon spying Johnny’s potential, had other ideas and swiftly manoeuvred him into the fast-paced world of the Tyrell sales team.

Thoroughly enjoying the work he now undertakes at Tyrell, Johnny has designed and sold a global, multi-location communication system. As well as helping many other small to medium post-production companies to improve their workflow efficiency. Johnny’s other speciality is looking after Live Audio and Theatre markets for Clear-Com in the UK via a superb selection of value-added resellers.

Johnny may feel like he is still in his infancy within the industry, but after 5 and a half years honing his craft, it’s fair to say that Johnny’s technical background ensures that he understands complete end to end to workflows better than anyone else and has a knowledge of Tyrell’s leading manufactures software that is unrivalled throughout the industry.

To get in touch with Johnny and reap the benefits of his technical expertise, connect with him on LinkedIn here, he looks forward to hearing from you…