What’s in a Team- Chris Luff

At Tyrell, it is one of our most dearly held beliefs that people buy from people – namely people that they like, respect and trust. So, that is why we are always proud to sing the praises of our exceptional team at every opportunity, because we know that it’s our multi-disciplined experts, with their wealth of experience, that ensure the success of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.

Every week we’re taking a look at our expert team in more detail to prove that we really are the very best at what we do. Today, it’s the turn of Tyrell Account Manager, Chris Luff…

Name: Chris Luff
Job title: Account Manager
Miles on the industry clock: 30 years

With a penchant for boxing, cycling, motorcycling and skiing, it might be prudent to assume that Tyrell Account Manager, Chris, enjoys life in the fast lane. Something which probably isn’t too much of a surprise to the rest of the Tyrell team, judging by Chris’s unrelenting, and continued, enthusiasm for the industry he’s worked in for nearly three decades.

Chris’s wealth of experience in the broadcast and media industry is vast. From owning and running a casting facility, to working for manufacturers, distributors and value-added resellers. Chris has worked on all sides of the supply chain, enabling him to get to know the industry inside out, something which has proved invaluable to his role at Tyrell.

Whilst he’s not hurtling at full speed down ski slopes, or punching willing sparring partners on the nose, Chris can usually be found touring the UK facilities that he seems to be so fondly welcome in.

Chris credits his ability to quickly assess customers’ needs and consistently deliver projects on time, and within budget, as some of the key reasons for his success in media production so far. In fact Chris has had so much experience in juggling and responding to customers requirements, that on the rare occasions when things do go slightly off-piste, Chris is always the go-to guy for making sure that the correct technical support and engineering resources are readily available and in place.

Before joining Tyrell last year, Chris held numerous business development roles in the broadcast communications industry for companies such as GB Labs, Channel Dynamics and most recently, Business Development Manager at Rohde & Schwarz. Having trained on all leading NLE systems, Chris enjoys an in-depth knowledge of the workflow from scene to screen, with a gentle bias towards intelligent shared storage solutions.

Chris joins a dynamic team at Tyrell and fits in seamlessly with the infectious and progressive energy that drives the company’s continued success. If anyone thinks that Chris’s face is a familiar one then just ask him how many times he’s appeared as an extra on some of Pinewood Studio’s greatest masterpieces, and you might just realise that we have a minor celebrity within our ranks…

Want to know more about Chris and what he gets up to whilst he’s helping Tyrell customers with his wealth of experience and industry knowledge? Follow him on LinkedIn here where you can find out what makes him, and us, tick.