Avid MediaCentral | Stream

Avid MediaCentral | Stream

MediaCentral | Stream Avid’s IP stream ingest solution for broadcast news, sports and live production enables multiple compressed IP streams to be ingested into your MediaCentral production environment, no matter where your team is located. All you need is an Internet connection.  With less hardware and no intermediate conversion required, it enables teams to do more with fewer resources making it a flexible and cost-effective solution. 

MediaCentral | Stream handles all the complexities, technical hurdles, and processing of IP contribution for you, so teams can focus solely on editing and creating great content. Getting breaking news stories on air or on social media platforms even faster.  

Avid have realised that IP contribution and distribution of video around the internet is becoming a reality for news broadcasters and even post production facilities and it’s the adoption of Haivision’s SRT is a positive approach.

From a Tyrell perspective as a reseller and integrator of MediaCentral and Haivision we see this a really exciting innovation for Avid.

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