Facilis at IBC 2019

FacilisIBC is on us yet again, and this year looks like quite an event for the Facilis team. As always Jim will be on hand to show you around the technology and this year that includes a preview of the new  V8  software. This new release further sees Facilis improve on resiliency with Multi Disk parity known as DynaRAID-II. This will allow mirroring of SSD and HDD groups. A great step forward to compliment the impressive speed of the system – speed and resiliency who could ask for more?! Well I could for one so its also good to see that there are improvements to the interface of FastTracker, as well as automation. This automation ties in with Object-Cloud.

If you are unfamiliar with Object-Cloud, Facilis now enables you to have a cache volume on the Facilis server that is in essence a virtual representation of your LTO or cloud-based archive. When used with FastTracker this become a very easy and powerful way to track, archive and restore your projects. Did I mention that this cloud option is integrated into Wasabi? No? Well let me then. Wasabi look set to upset the apple cart, their cloud offering can cut your cloud storage costs by up to 80%. Not only is the cost cheaper than their competitors they are also egress free! Do you want more? Ok then, Facilis have also teamed up with Atto to integrate their Thunderlink Thunderbolt 3 to 25GbE Adaptor directly into the Hub Server platform to enable high bandwidth connectivity to the range of Apple iMac Pro and also the highly anticipated Apple Mac Pro. I am impressed by the steps that Facilis keep making, in an ever harder market place, they are making the right moves.

Adam Lewiston