Pixitmedia Pixstor

Pixitmedia are leading the way when it comes to expanding your NAS on a global scale. Pixstor easily manages petabytes and billions of files under a single namespace. It excels in guaranteed performance, even at 99% capacity. As well as sophisticated content orchestration with their ngenea product. (We’ll be covering ngenea in more detail in a later newsletter. As it deserves a full article dedicated to its features and benefits).  

For now, the news we wanted to share is Pixitmedia’s move to providing three deployment models for pixstor. The world of online media storage is evolving. The old way of selling a single fixed solution is over. Facilities are looking for flexibility in licensing, including how and where their online storage lives. Others are following but Pixitmedia are light years ahead.   

pixstor ‘Scale-out’ 

A multi-node storage solution that supports multi-petabytes and large-scale m&e workloads on premise. (Click here to read how Tyrell and Pixitmedia provided a worldwide namespace for Brown Bag Films)

pixstor ‘Cloud’ 

Bringing the power of pixstor to the cloud. A quick to deploy, scalable solution hosted in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure. We will cover this in more detail in our upcoming ‘Cloud’ newsletter.  

pixstor ‘Hyperconverged (HCI)’ 

This combines pixstor and ngenea into a single virtualised appliance, with the ability to handle multiple on-premises workloads, which tightly integrate with the cloud and other sites for a global view of data. World-beating performance, flexibility, scalability, and security in a single physical 2U node with either internal or SAS attached storage. 

Contact us on sales@tyrellcct.com, 0207 148 6200 or +353 (1) 888 1118 to discuss your how pixitmedia can offer you scale out global storage performance.