StorageDNA offer true value at IBC 2019

StorageDNA are one of the two Tyrell partners that sees the growth of shoot ratios, growing field drives, Tier 1 and nearline storage tiers, LTO and the growing use of Object (on prem or cloud) storage as an area for them to offer true value.

Object matrix release MatroxStore 4.1 at IBC 2019

It just so happens that Object Matrix have released MatrixStore 4.1 to coincide with IBC 2019.

Spectra Logic at IBC 2019 StorCycle

Continuing the industry tradition of the poor portmanteau product names Specta Logic released a brand new HSM and archive migration tool StorCycle (I imagine pronounced stosickler) just in time for IBC this year.

Facilis at IBC 2019

Facilis at IBC 2019 IBC is on us yet again, and this year looks…

It looks like it’s going to be a big year for EditShare at IBC

EFS 2020 is a new version of its file system and the management console which comes with some pretty noticeable changes. The most significant is the claim that it offers up to a 20% throughput increase.
AVID Storage

Avid: Storage

So far there haven’t been any big announcements or launches from Avid with regards to storage, but the safe bet will be Avid will be doing a big push towards Avid NEXIS | CLOUDSPACES.