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Exclusive EditShare & Tyrell Offer

Take a look at the Exclusive EditShare and Tyrell Promotion 

EditShare as a Service

Tyrell Exclusive Storage Offer for only €500/£400 per month. 

Telestream’s New Releases

In the past few months Telestream have had some significant product releases and promos.

Facilis Launches Facilis Edge Sync

Facilis Launches Facilis Edge Sync

Telestream Announces QC Promo

Telestream Announces QC Promo for existing  Vidchecker  and Aurora customers

Facilis Launches Q4 Sales Promotions

Facilis Launches Q4 Sales Promotions

EditShare Webinar Group Editing and Remote Workflows with Adobe

EditShare Webinar Group Editing & Remote Workflows with Adobe

The End of the SDI Cable

In 2015 I was lucky enough to get a full tour of RTL’s Playout Centre in Luxembourg. A 24/7 playout centre for about 35 different channels.

Pixit Media go from strength to strength at IBC 2019

They are incredible agile and are responding to customers needs quickly with leading edge solutions, some of which they rolled out at IBC.