What’s in a team- Nick Soper

What’s in a team- Nick Soper



At Tyrell, it is one of our most dearly held beliefs that people buy from people – namely people that they like, respect and trust. So, that is why we are always proud to sing the praises of our exceptional team at every opportunity, because we know that it’s our multi-disciplined experts, with their wealth of experience, that ensure the success of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.

Recently, we’ve been getting to know our expert team a little bit better to prove that we really are the best in the business. This week it’s the turn of Business Development Manager, Nick Soper, to discover how his nigh-on quarter of a century in the business has given him a 360-degree view of the industry.


Name: Nick Soper


Job title:  Business Development – Cloud Strategy & Consulting


Miles on the industry clock: 24 years 9 months!


Nick’s start in the industry came about via a family friend who mercilessly introduced him to the world of post-production as a young, impressionable tech-enthusiast, who was keen to kick-start his career in the world of media technology. He joined AVS Broadcast as part of internal sales team and as it turned out, this was the perfect environment to satisfy Nick’s thirst for knowledge. Thus, began his journey into the ever-evolving world of broadcast media (during the days of 3 machine linear suites).


Nick’s role allowed him to learn the ropes across all aspects of media technology hardware and it was during the exciting times of the mid to late nineties, which saw the dawning of non-linear era of editing. A complex ride to navigate at times, but one which Nick excelled at and it enabled him to make his next career move to Avid, as part of the UK Support team in Soho.


Nick’s new role at Avid was prior to the existence of the reseller channel, meaning that the near-on 800 calls per week that the team had to manage was the greatest, and steepest of learning curves. Nick’s experience at Avid was challenging but worthwhile and the next logical step was making the move over to Avid’s UK Broadcast Team based in Pinewood Studios. Living in the depths of the Wiltshire/Berkshire borders meant that Nick was perfectly placed to be the man in the field supporting the super successful Avid Unity Workgroup Storage Systems that were being sold to UK Broadcasters. This enabled Nick to work with the large enterprise organisations such as Sky, BBC, LWT, Central, Westcountry, Anglia and the World Rally Championship.


Following his time at Avid, Nick took the decision to join a reseller, giving him the opportunity to build and shape a broader portfolio of products, whilst still integrating with and complimenting the familiar core Avid toolset. It was here that Nick met fellow Tyreller Adam Lewiston and along with Mark Lynn formulated the re-launch of Tyrell UK in 2009.


Nick was heavily involved in the Tyrell re-launch and helped to establish Tyrell’s reputation as a trusted technology partner and solution integration specialist in the UK. After 2 years at Tyrell, Nick jumped over the fence to join the customer side of broadcast media at the leading facility Evolutions. Where he was Head of Engineering. With his previous experience of all-things Avid, which included shared storage workflows, he was responsible for running 4 buildings with over 100 Avid suites and numerous on location productions. No small feat!


After his time at Evolutions, Nick was able to enjoy a short stint of exciting freelance contracts before joining Telestream as EMEA Solutions Architect. During his tenure here, Nick racked up the air miles delivering live and on-demand workflow automation solutions in the broadcast-enterprise space. With cloud technology becoming more understood and trusted, and with the acquisition of a SaaS transcoding platform, Nick became one of the “go to” people for cloud migration and adoption when anything Telestream was involved.


Throughout his journey within the industry, Nick maintained a good relationship with Bryan. So, when the opportunity arose to bring the team back together, it was too good for Nick to pass up and he was delighted to come home and re-join Team Tyrell earlier this year.


Nick attests that the business values of Tyrell have never changed, but the landscape where we play has. This has meant that the team has to adapt and stay agile to ensure our solutions remain well ahead of the curve and our customers are kept happy.


Now firmly entrenched back at Tyrell, Nick has just bought a VW Transporter, which is slowly but surely, becoming a camper. This enables Nick and his family to enjoy a beach filled life off the beaten track and away from the technology that fills up Nick’s everyday life at Tyrell.


If you want to know more about Nick and how he helps to keep Tyrell customers happy, follow him on LinkedIn where you can find out what makes him and us tick.