Tyrell Support Does it Better!

Tyrell Support Does it Better!

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There were many reasons why I re-joined Tyrell in the spring of 2017, not least of which was the challenge of assembling a new support offering that could rival that of our competition within media technology, I’ll admit that when I first decided to make the leap I was genuinely concerned.

Having worked with most of our competition I’m very much aware of what is required to make a solid and reliable team, this experience also furnished me with being able to see the shortcomings of a media tech support department, and the first thing I set about doing was finding the right people for the job.

This team also needed to have a unique selling point in the already overcrowded market place of broadcast media.

Evaluating the team I found that the foundations were firmly laid down in the world of facilities. We all know what it is to work to tight deadlines and delivery schedules, we all know how to juggle limited editing suites and moreover we all know what it takes to deliver support in what seems like an unachievable situation.

When I sought to add to the team I wanted to keep this ethos, therefore it made sense to go looking within facilities rather than to train up someone who didn’t know the industry. I look at the team now not with uncertainty but with pride and the confidence that our current line-up has the experience to offer a knowledgeable service.

The next step was to look at our processes, it’s fair to say that this will be ever evolving and the perfection that I seek will always be something that changes as we move with the media technology that we support. However, there will always be foundations that will underpin our successes.

First, we have totally overhauled our Bespoke CRM offering. We now operate an automated Customer Relationship Management ticketing system. What we do differently is share this information across departments – it’s important to us that there is harmony and communication between the technical sales team and support teams.

If you are having problems it’s important to me that your account manager also is aware. The fact that they get an automated alert allows them firstly to challenge the support team and get up to date information, it also means that as a client you can expect your account manager to be up to date on the issues that you may have had. This has also led to us being even more accessible to our customer base.  We are happy to share case information with you so that you can see the value that we can add to your company.


Our support offering also covers the sales process, we have a great pre-sales team who work closely with our sales division as well as our customer base. The process changes that we have made give us great insight into the requirements and workflows of our end users, we then use this to better understand which products work most efficiently for your project.

Our team are expected not only to keep technically up to date with our own portfolio but also with that of our competitors, it gives us an edge to be knowledgeable. Training our staff is essential, both in terms of a technical and customer service point of view – we also value the relationships that we have with our client base, and we understand that no two clients will have the same requirements.

Our policy will never be identical for all clients and we strive to make our relationships beneficial to all involved, we will never sell you a one-solution-fits-all contract, we prefer for you to buy into time that works for your benefit when and how you want to.


Our Technical Support Team has a combined experience of over 200 years, and we also like to talk so don’t be surprised if we call just to see how you are – you never know when this might unearth that nugget of information that you have been looking for.

This year I’m expecting great things from our team, I expect increased ticket activity with less time between open and closed cases. I expect more training internally and externally, I expect a higher rate of pre-sales and technical reviews from our sales team, and I expect lots of social visits with our end users.


To prove how excited and confident I am about this next chapter I am inviting you the end user to give us a try. If you find yourself in a tight spot pick up the phone and give us a call:

UK Support +44 (207) 148 6200
IRL Support +353 (1) 888-1118

We won’t charge you for your first experience with us and if you like what you get then let’s meet up to see what we can offer you going forwards.

N.B. Support is offered only on Tyrell products.

Adam Lewiston