KnoxMedia at #IBC2018


KnoxMedia were well positioned at IBC2018 in the center of Hall 7 on the IBM booth, as they are a partner using Aspera for fast, secure file transfers.

Both Santiago Miralles, (CEO) and Daimon Hall (International Sales Director) were on the stand for the duration, demonstrating, discussing and explaining their Cloud Eco System.

Knox Media are well on their way, and already have an impressive customer base utilising the Cloud and the all-important Opex model, the Opex conversation has become part of the Tyrell story and valid in both the production companies and TV broadcasters.

The Knox Media Hub is a simple interface allowing you to automate the tasks that would have been traditionally done on single servers or appliances doing single tasks, like ingest, transcoding, storage and delivery.

At IBC 2018, KnoxMedia Hub introduced Playout to the Hub and have neatly integrated with Veset providing the platform the ability to feed content to the popular cloud-based playout solution.

The more traditional Fast File Transfers are achieved with integration from the usual suspects including IBM Aspera and Signiant. Basic editing, concatenation and quality assurance features will also increase your productivity.

The cost implications of cloud storage are addressed by Knox Media Hub using a smart storage feature combining short, intermediate and long-term storage with automated cost optimisation. You can immediately merchandise and preview content, then make it available for sale and download via individual client portals.

The Tyrell Take

In Tyrell we don’t see cloud based solutions as disruption to the industry, as it offers access to content creators such technical solutions with scale without the massive costs, we believe these solutions will be brought into companies to do or solve one particular issue and through the simple interface and experience it will evolve organically to become relied upon.

We’re always ready to discuss how we can help to make your workflow process more efficient, contact us today to find out more.