Cloud Production & Virtualisation #IBC2018


Media Central Cloud UX

Media Central Cloud UX has been launched as a product, a unified HTML 5 UI, connects to your Avid PAM, Avid iNews, Avid MAM and a range of certified third parties. Avid have a road-map to be bring all their applications in the enterprise and post production to the same web-based GUI.  

Unfortunately, it’s a complete rebuild of the Media Central cluster and the headache of a new avid licencing model.  But for customers with lots of client applications, like iNews and Interplay Capture, for example, you’ll only have to have to run the approved browser. This feature rich thin client architecture really blends well with scalable on-premise and cloud infrastructure that Avid have set their sights.   

The new Media Central Cloud UX is based on Kubernetes and is getting really good reviews from my contacts for being responsive and open to many plugins for ease of integration.  Selfishly I’ll be glad to see the back of the weekend late-night multi-client upgrade roll-outs!