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The End of the SDI Cable

In 2015 I was lucky enough to get a full tour of RTL’s Playout Centre in Luxembourg. A 24/7 playout centre for about 35 different channels.

Avid MediaCentral

Perhaps it’s me. I can sometimes call a Snickers a Marathon, or it could be that I don’t like change.

Pixit Media go from strength to strength at IBC 2019

They are incredible agile and are responding to customers needs quickly with leading edge solutions, some of which they rolled out at IBC.

Eizo show off range at IBC 2019

Eizo now have monitors that can offer colour accurate monitoring at an affordable price from shoot through to grade.

StorageDNA offer true value at IBC 2019

StorageDNA are one of the two Tyrell partners that sees the growth of shoot ratios, growing field drives, Tier 1 and nearline storage tiers, LTO and the growing use of Object (on prem or cloud) storage as an area for them to offer true value.
Clear-Com Freespeak Edge

Clear-Com go big at IBC 2019

It has been a while since Clear-Com came to the market with something as big as they did at IBC this year, and boy did they go big.

eMAM launch eMAM Cloud

eMAM have launched eMAM Cloud, not surprisingly it kind of does what it says on the tin!