Avid MediaCentral

Avid MediaCentral

Perhaps it’s me. I can sometimes call a Snickers a Marathon, or it could be that I don’t like change. But when I have to carefully check the name of a product that I have grown up with, then something isn’t right.  I’ve grown up with Avid PAM as a Production Asset Management layer simply “Interplay” and the Avid MAM, Media Asset Management from the Blue Order archive system.  For a brief period, they were called Interplay | PAM and Interplay | MAM just to reinforce their connection perhaps.  Now Avid have dropped the Interplay, replaced it with MediaCentral and bumped the names for good measure.

MediaCentral | Production Management is Interplay PAM aka Interplay and MediaCentral | Asset Management is Avid MAM.  The play on words just makes me have to stop.  Drop the “Asset” out of PAM and drop the “Media” out of MAM and it just brings them too close together.  I have to double-take every time.  Perhaps the AM and PM are as different as night and day, but they will still be PAM and MAM to me.

MediaCentral | Cloud UX is the platform that integrates with almost all the Avid suite of products into a unified HTML5 web UI.  At IBC 2019, Avid added MediaCentral | Publisher (powered by WildMocka) to join Graphics, MediaCentral | Maestro and MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, into Production and Asset Management.

It’s all going in the right direction, but please just stop changing the names!

Are you MediaCentral | Confused ?

Declan Hogan