Pixellot – Making Millions of Small Events Big


Every now and then, we get to see an innovative product that captures the imagination of everyone we show and tell.

I remember LiveU was that product 10 years ago and look at the global reach of them now. Amazingly Pixellot also originates from Israel and have noticed the have some employees that helped with the LiveU success, mainly the Sales and Support leads at Pixellot now.

So to the pitch, can you imagine a couple of integrated cameras at a high point at the halfway line of your favorite sporting event, connected to a computer that can stitch those cameras together to create a 5MB/s stream, but what about it having the ability to automatically follow that event and choose the relevant area of interest without any human intervention.

Genius I hear you say, so now you need to see it, “Picture” then Imagine virtual advertising, graphic overlay, automatic replays, capture the atmosphere around the event, now you need to buy it. Give us a call as we’d be very happy to discuss the tech with you, this product can also help with coaching, youth leagues and we predict one in every venue and sport clubs.

Now the sports club can record and retain all the action

The entry level system gives you the following

  • Fixed Installation: Indoors or outdoors, weatherproof
  • Unmanned capture: Panoramic field capture in 6K resolution
  • Automated production: Auto-tracking algorithms follow the flow of play and produce TV-like footage
  • Distributed to any device: Streamed in 4K quality to mobile devices and web platforms
  • Personalized viewing experience: Zoom into any scene, replay, clip and share

Automatic highlights
Taking auto-production to the next level, this module identifies game highlights like baskets or goals and automatically produces highlight clips.

Editing Module
The editing module lets you cut high quality clips from HD footage, live and post-game, and distribute them on your media channels.

Manual Production Module
Produce any type of sports game and events and cover also anything that happens on the field before and after the game.

Coaching Module
Get more insight by reviewing the game by zooming into any play and cut high quality clips to review with your team and players.

Scoreboard Module
Enrich your broadcasts through an integrated scoreboard display.

The coaching version gives you

  • 8K capture and HD-SDI output, 25/30 fps
  • Clip editing from 8K uncompressed data
  • Live and post-game tagging tools
  • Panoramic footage allows to zoom into any scene on the sports field
  • Integration with performance analysis solutions
  • Automated player clip production

The production version gives you

  • 8K capture and HD-SDI output, 25/30 fps
  • End-to-end production system, enables production of sports event with single-person crew
  • Remote Production Suite to create multi-feed broadcast
  • Embedded graphics and ad formats
  • Additional audio input for commentator
  • Panoramic footage to power VR applications

So irrespective of your requirement there is a solution to fit all needs. Call the Tyrell Team if you would like to discuss how we can help you further…

Stephen Murnane
Key Account Manager – Tyrell (Follow Stephen on Twitter)

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