Sometimes a piece of tech comes along and just leaves you smiling.

The team at Sixty have done this, they have come up with an idea that is truly ground breaking.

I remember the day that I could see the steam rise above my beloved Wasps pack in glorious HD, the first time I saw game plays annotated at half time by the pundits and now I am getting excited about the first time I’ll be able to interact with the graphical data provided to me by the broadcaster.

Imagine sitting watching your favourite sport on your desktop box, tablet or handset and being able to decide what graphical and play statistics you see on the screen. For any sport widows out there this has to be the worst news in the word, that their sports fan has even more reason to watch sport.

Sixty who recently sec

ured millions in investment have developed a product called Ease Live that integrates with your graphics and render engine. It then allows you to put sports statistical data, drive region or context specific advertising to help drive interaction and revenue opportunities. Integration with Setup boxes and TV sets then allows the viewer to interact.

I personally look forward to when they have Avid Integration. I will be keeping a close eye on the development of this product.

Check out the following videos:

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Dan Muchmore – Sales Director – Tyrell (Follow Dan on Twitter)

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