AI = The Holy Grail of Search

AI is a current buzzword and there is no doubt that machine learning will continue to evolve from it’s origins as ‘smart analysis’ and ‘fuzzy logic’.

Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has real-world applications for Broadcast & Media Industries we asked Jose de Freitas, our Director of Projects, to give us some insight into how this powerful technology will impact the workflows of our Industry.


“Workflow, as we understand it is changing. Traditionally, what makes life difficult is that we have to do things in a linear process – one step after the other. AI doesn’t have to rely on that, they don’t have to see things from beginning to end to identify content.”

For example Wimbledon and its digital partner IBM have fine-tuned their artificial intelligence (AI) systems this year (2018) to help automatically edit the top action.


“The deciding criteria becomes totally different, traditionally somebody editing an highlights package would look at the footage and make a decision based on the visual information.

However, Artificial Intelligence can identify the cheers in the crowd, the player movements, etcetera, and that can now identify the required instances of play. But remember that AI doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the challenge is integrating this technology into an already functioning workflow system.”

The Tyrell Take

One of the advantages of Tyrell is that we can facilitate through the cloud infrastructure an analysis of how A.I. can be implemented for any particular project.

Tyrell is a media focused group, which partners with IBM, and understands how to navigate and implement new technologies such as A.I. – whether it be On Prem, On Cloud, or as a Hybrid Solution.

Contact us today to find out how our joined-up-thinking can help improve the efficiency of your workflows.


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