Tyrell Turns 20

Tyrell Turns 20


Happy 20th Anniversary Tyrell!

Whether you’re a new or existing customer.  A small or large Tyrell partner, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for the part you have played in our journey to date. November marked the 20th anniversary of Tyrell Content Creation Tools Ireland Ltd, which was officially incorporated on Tuesday 7th November 2000.

This time last year there were conversations and budget debates about how LARGE the 20th anniversary party needed to be. Would we have one or two celebrations? One in Dublin then one in London and would they be on the same weekend. But as you are all very much aware we never did get to conclude those exciting plans. We’ve had to defer them to next November (hopefully). So stay tuned or at least save the date.

Personally, with everything that has been going on over the last few months I didn’t get caught up with build up to the milestone until the date actually arrived. I then started remembering all the people that had been through the Tyrell offices and challenged myself if I could recall everyone. Unfortunately, I failed and had to resort to the email addresses on our mail server to ensure the accuracy.

The Tyrell entity has its own lifeforce and we are very much aware that the 20 years it has enjoyed is firmly based on the people it has employed. We are proud of that fact it stands on its own in two countries and continues to be a trusted ally for both customers and manufacturers.

I’m very happy to continue to lead Tyrell through its next 20 years. We still have the appetite to learn and impart that knowledge to our customers- for those that want to listen! :)

So here’s to the next 20 years!

Bryan Malone

Bryan Malone Tyrell