New partnership for Spotterfish & Tyrell

New partnership for Spotterfish & Tyrell


We are excited to share the news that we have been appointed as the exclusive partner for Spotterfish in the UK and Ireland.  

Spotterfish AB, a new brand from Sweden saw its opportunity to bring to market a new solution to support the media and entertainment industry’s ever-growing need for remote production workflows by bringing together teams kept apart due to COVID restrictions 

Spotterfish is a cloud based virtual screening room service. Their secure platform enables the entire creative team to fully engage in the review of rushes or final screenings, wherever they are located. Directors, producers and editors enter into a screening room where they have full video conference, chat, synchronised full screen playback and can all independently drop and edit markers into the timeline. Markers can then be exported to your favourite NLE or DAW.  

Spotterfish supports up to 4k video and has multistem (5.1 & 7.1) audio frame accurate playback for all users. Regardless of their geography. They are making the world a smaller more immediate place for project collaboration. 

“For their first release Spotterfish have come out the blocks with a beautifully simple and elegant way of bringing teams together for reviewing projects,” commented Dan Muchmore, Sales at Marketing Director at Tyrell. They are a brilliant innovator and have already achieved approval from Warner and Netflix with their first product release. We all need to find new ways to work and we are delighted that Spotterfish wish to partner with us and be at the start of their journey.”