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EditShare launches four promos

EditShare launches four new limited time promos
EditShare EFS Promo

EditShare EFS Promo

Tyrell Exclusive EditShare EFS Promo

Storage blogs and whitepapers

Latest and greatest storage blogs and whitepapers
EditShare Logo

EditShare launches EFS 2022.3

EditShare launches EFS 2022.3

EditShare FLOW v2021.4  

EditShare releases EFS v 2021.4. Here is our take on this new version

Exclusive EditShare & Tyrell Offer

Take a look at the Exclusive EditShare and Tyrell Promotion 

EditShare as a Service

Tyrell Exclusive Storage Offer for only €500/£400 per month. 

EditShare Webinar Group Editing and Remote Workflows with Adobe

EditShare Webinar Group Editing & Remote Workflows with Adobe

It looks like it’s going to be a big year for EditShare at IBC

EFS 2020 is a new version of its file system and the management console which comes with some pretty noticeable changes. The most significant is the claim that it offers up to a 20% throughput increase.

Ka-Boom Bolsters Its Post-Production Business On EditShare

With Tyrell’s help, Specialist AV can now continue to deliver their promise of having the technology and the expertise to ...