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MediaSilo Camera to Cloud with ATOMOS Collaboration

Atomos provide mobile on-camera devices that allow you to capture and stream content to a cloud hosted service, where you can directly record the proxies and make them available for viewing and sub-clipping. 

It’s a workflow that’s been established for many years but EditShare and Atomos have now collaborated to accelerate the creative process.

Editors can access and start reviewing footage as soon as the first instance lands (we are awaiting confirmation this would work on growing files for editing). Once the Atomos device is paired and connected, you can add MediaSilo as the destination and even select down to a granular level of target project folder.

This is a significant step forward and brings acquisition closer to EditShare storage options and software tools for a speedy turnaround for operators, production staff and agencies alike.

Anyone purchasing an Atomos Cloud plan with a device will be provided a FREE all-inclusive subscription to MediaSilo. 

EditShare EFS – NVMe  

The latest EFS storage platform from EditShare is a small form factor NVMe product, available in five capacity sizes: 24TB, 48TB, 96TB, 192TB and 384TB and scalable up to 10+PB in capacity. 

This new lightning-fast storage is designed for 4K and 8K media files in some of the most demanding codecs and file formats such as DPX, OpenEXR and more. This is relevant for the higher end grading workflows, which typically the traditional EFS range wouldn’t be considered for. 

The pricing is marginally higher than the equivalent SSD’s (24TB SSD is £32,000/24TB NVME is £35,500) but it offers up to three times the performance in terms of bandwidth. 

This could open more opportunities in the likes of graphics, design, and potentially even animation and VFX for smaller companies. 

EditShare have addressed a growing trend amongst storage suppliers in offering performance in a small form factor. Wrapping it up with the EditShare software tools provides a very compelling ecosystem. 

MediaSilo and FLOW Integration  

This new integration of MediaSilo and FLOW brings together a wealth of tools and resources, whilst simplifying the viewing experience.

MediaSilo can now trigger FLOW automation and the movement of media and file. As well as provide the highest level of review and approve to production and post production customers all over the world. 

Existing MediaSilo users can upgrade their software today and as long as they have FLOW on their EFS platform can start accessing all the tools to provide even more value to their existing workflow. 

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