#IrishAnimation = Awards + Jobs


It seems timely after multiple Emmy nominations and an Oscar nomination to revisit the success story that is currently Irish Animation. There are still multiple positions available in multiple roles for animation professionals of all levels and skills in Ireland today and there seems little sign of a slowdown.

How exciting is that! To see an industry expand at such a rate, and there is a genuine excitement in the air and a feeling of comraderie between studios that they are jointly building a fresh, exciting, sustainable business that is truly recognised on a global scale. The work produced speaks for itself and is bringing all the major players to Ireland to see how we are building such a vibrant industry.

We are also attracting the “best in breed” of talent from all over the world and this contributes in no small way to the advance of very clever and elegant solutions to address workflows in Animation.

The Tyrell Take

Here at Tyrell we have benefited too and I would personally like to thank the studios that help me to make a living as well! Its sometimes forgotten in the mix that it’s not just the animation companies that are reaping the rewards from hard work and investment but also the companies supplying hardware and software. This healthy industry is now employing 1000’s of people and if you add in all the other companies supplying ancillary services you have an industry supporting many 1000’s of jobs.

So come join us in Ireland and see why this industry is such a great environment to work in, below are some of the links to jobs currently being advertised.

If you are interested in choosing Animation as a serious career, take a look at our previous blog about how a studio works and how to get involved.

Please feel free to contact us. if you wish to talk about animation and how we can help with your business.


Boulder Media are heading out to Europe to talk to you and recruit you to work on a major project. In our small way we’d like to put the word out there to help in any way we can. Keep an eye out here as details are posted about where and when they will be in your country: