The #TyrellSupport Customer Journey


We asked Adam Lewiston, our Pre-Sales Support Manager to describe how customers are welcomed to the Tyrell Support, and what they can expect from our service.

Usually, the end user would contact us directly – sometimes as a result of a recommendation or maybe a call from sales or support. If the contact comes from Sales Support, we would call the end user and arrange a site visit. This serves three purposes first it give us the chance to introduce ourselves, and second it give us the chance to have a look around the client’s location.

At this point, if there is anything that we spot that we are unsure of, we can ask the correct questions such as; there’s no Air-Con in the server room and that needs to be addressed. Third – it allows us to go through the options that we have for support and also the sort of service that we offer compared to our opposition.

Tyrell Support – Our Main Offerings Are:

  • 1 – Manufacturer support – This is a contract that we sell on behalf of our suppliers – we supply first line support on these and then escalation if needed.
  • 2 – Tyrell Hours – Groups of engineering time sold in 10 hour blocks that the end user can use as they see fit.
  • 3 – Training – This can be training on any product that we supply and is normally bespoke to the end users need.

We take pride that we are flexible in our offerings and we try to keep up to date with our competitors offerings. Once we have undertaken the first meeting we normally go away and provide the user a quote based on the things that we discussed, this can be a mixture of manufacturer and Tyrell packages or either or.

Once we have a package that suits and the end user places a PO we would then take on a FOC site survey. This allows us to have a look over the kit to see if there are any problems that exist already, it also allows us to get a better understanding of their workflows. We would also build an inventory of equipment that we can enter into our CRM system.

Once support is active we will enter a CRM support contract and then any tickets raised will be fully tracked. The designated point of contract at the client will also receive an email giving details of any case that has been started. They will also see a closure email stating that the case has been resolved when we get to that stage.

We will also endeavour to call the customer once a quarter just to say hi and see how they are finding the service.

Don’t be surprised if your Tyrell Account Manager also calls the end user if they have raised a ticket. The account manager also receives a ticket alert to say that the client has had an issue, and we believe that this attention to detail is part of what makes The Tyrell Support offering such excellent value!

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