Clear-Com NAB 2024


Clear-Com are proudly leading the way in how comms, talkback or intercom deployments should be done in the cloud with Gen-IC.

Gen-IC provides a secure and flexible cloud managed virtual service, that enables users to easily integrate on-premise hardware with virtual intercom clients. It’s simple to deploy, configure and manage and an ideal solution for both small and large teams alike, as it provides a wide range of connectivity to existing on-site intercom systems.

The world’s first easily deployable, event-based cloud intercom solution is available as two license types.

Clear-Com Gen-IC

The license that excites us most is the Gen-IC Premium license as it links to on-prem LQ interfaces.

Arcadia Release 3

Clear-Com’s Arcadia Revision 3 is the latest release for the incredible Arcadia intercom solution. Arcadia Release 3 is a massive steroid boost and includes the following:

  • 16 IP channels to interface with other Arcadia, Eclipse IPA, IVC-32 cards, LQ interfaces.
  • Routable via public internet, WAN/LAN, AES encryption. Includes virtual GPIO allowing for long distance radio interfacing.
  • Substantial Upgrade- 168 Licensable Ports
  • HelixNet- Upgraded to 24 channels and 128 HelixNet stations.
  • HelixNet- new Powerline interface supports up to 25 HelixNet Powerline devices.
    • Each Powerline device supports 7 older powerline belt packs. The quantity of User stations to be confirmed but this means your original HelixNet belt packs still have value.
  • FreeSpeak- Wireless belt pack increased from 32 to 64 concurrent belt packs.
  • FreeSpeak IP Transceivers increased from 16 to 32 AES67 IP Transceivers.
  • And finally PTP follower mode! All we need is V-Series panel support and Arcadia reaches beast mode!

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