EditShare launches EFS 2022.3

EditShare recently launched EFS 2022.3. For current EFS users or those considering the move to EditShare there were three notable new additions that were announced.  


  • Flexibility through accelerated EFS to EFS Multi-site sync- allowing users to schedule media space synchronisation between on-prem EFS systems. Multi-site sync for EditShare FLEX Cloud is due in the 2022.4 release. 
  • Full support for Media Composer in 2022.4 when using AvidStyle media spaces. 
  • NDI Support with an update to FLOW to support live capture, job schedules etc which replaced FLOW Browse. 


  • The EditShare Nearline chassis has been a great success.  With this release EditShare has launched the 60NL Nearline, 1PB in 4U scaling over 4PB and is available from September! 

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