HelixNet integration for Arcadia Central Station

Clear-Com Arcadia HelixNet

Clear-Com has recently announced the integration of HelixNet Digital Partyline with the Arcadia Central Station. This important integration unites two innovative product lines into one intelligent communication system.

Arcadia now boasts support for over 100 beltpacks and 180 ports of mixing all powered from a 1RU rack. Arcadia is now positioned to support the largest of systems as it can fully support up to:

  • 64 HelixNet endpoints – including HelixNet Remote Stations, Speaker Stations, and Beltpacks including over 24 HelixNet-enabled channels.
  • 40 FreeSpeak Belt Packs and 16 AES67 Transceivers/10 Original FreeSpeak Transceivers.
  • 64 Channels of DANTE
  • 4-wire and 2-wire interfacing.

“This is a great update to the Clear-Com product line,” commented Sales Director Dan Muchmore. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for years and it’s finally arrived. The best-in-class wireless and wired technology have been brought together on a single platform. We cannot wait to see our customers take advantage of this integration but most importantly what comes next from Clear-Com for the Arcadia product line”.

We are expecting Arcadia Central Station with HelixNet integration to start shipping this Summer.

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