Telestream Cloud Qualify

Telestream’s updated Cloud QC solution Cloud Qualify service, brings together three of their fantastic products; Aurora, Vidchecker and Telestream Cloud.  The amalgamation of the best features of these solutions will allow future cloud customers to run Harding tests, as well as the traditional Vidchecker PSE for those platforms or services that require it.  The new Telestream Cloud Qualify will have a phased roll out plan to include Dolby tests for HDR, as well as Netflix compliant tests and so much more. All in one simple service.  

The final list of features has not been released, but this service will offer: 

  • Manual and automatic workflows
  • Tests of an extensive array of media, including IMF/DCP/ABR
  • Test data presented in easy to read and interactive media QC reports
  • Native Packaged Media Support allows content checking throughout any workflow
  • Open API and simple architecture will allow for deep integrations and automation 
  • Customers can choose their preferred cloud partner

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