MASV’s Top virtual workstations for cloud editing

We are delighted that our partner MASV has featured Tyrell Cloud in their guide to the Top virtual workstations for media and entertainment. The guide says:

Tyrell Cloud allows broadcasters and video producers to migrate production workflows to the cloud without any technical experience.

Users of Tyrell’s cloud-based editorial workflow tools can quickly ingest encrypted content from various sources – including streaming content directly from a camera – while easily deploying new virtual workstations on demand and reducing post-production turnaround time. Users can spin up, pause, or delete workstations for editing, VFX, or streaming with a couple of clicks and start working on them in minutes.

Video editors can then use Tyrell’s EditShare functionality to begin collaborating on ingested video content practically instantly through shared storage, asset management tools, and a highly performant environment.

Tyrell’s Cloud Workflow provides users with automated media file processing, object detection, transcription, and translation of media through AI and machine learning (ML) tools in the cloud. And because all raw files remain in the cloud indefinitely with proxy formats provided for editing, Tyrell’s egress costs are typically very low.

Click here to read the full guide.

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