Take advantage of Avid’s limited time promos

Avid NEXIS Trade-up Program

Take advantage of Avid’s Trade-up program and trade in your existing Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, E5, and E5 NL solutions to new Avid NEXIS | F-series engines and get € 4,880/£4,200 off a new Avid NEXIS | F2, F4 Bundle, F5, or F5 NL.

This offer includes perpetual and subscription and any Media Pack capacities.

Media Composer Team Licensing Promo

Take the complexity out of managing users, licences and devices with Avid’s Media Composer Team plan; enabling you to ramp up and down resources as needed.

For a limited time get:

    • 44% off Media Composer 1-year Team subscription
    • 34% off Media Composer | Ultimate Team subscription
    • Both subscriptions to be paid upfront

Media Composer AI Tools: ScriptSync AI and PhraseFind AI

Avid Media Composer’s new AI-powered tools enable you to have more time creating content by reducing the time spent on mundane tasks.

For a limited time get:

    • 20% off Media Composer | ScriptSync AI Option, 1-Year Subscription.
    • 20% off Media Composer | PhraseFind AI Option, 1-Year Subscription.
    • Both subscriptions to be paid upfront

All offers available until the 22nd March and shipped by March 31st 2024.

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