Clear-Com Launches FreeSpeak Edge Base Station

FreeSpeak Edge Wireless Base Station is the first of two hardware releases made by Clear-Com over the last few weeks- the second being Arcadia.  Edge Base Station is the next evolution of the incredibly successful and longest standing member of the wireless intercom market and its release sees Clear-Com achieve several very strategic developments.

With this release Clear-Com is really onto a winner, as alongside a very sleek new physical design and user interface Edge Base Station also addresses several architectural requests from users.

The Edge Base Station brings the Edge 5GHz AES67 Transceiver and Belt Pack to a standalone base which was previously only available as part of the Eclipse HX Matrix and IP Interface card. Edge Transceivers and Belt Packs are significant for Clear-Com in this solution due to the 5GHz frequency, on board codec and an audio range of 12 kHz specifically engineered solution for stadium performance. 

Edge also supports Clear-Com’s legacy FreeSpeak 1.9 GHz/2.4Ghz E1 transceivers as well as the current AES67 19 GHz transceiver. This is a major achievement as it allows a facility to migrate from old FreeSpeak to new and take advantage of available rental inventory.  

Technical specifications:

  • 8 DANTE/AES67 3rd party connectivity 
  • 16 Belt Packs supported, 6 AES67 IP Transceivers 
  • 10 E1 Transceivers supported. 

Clear-Com edge

From a Tyrell perspective, we see Edge sitting in between Clear-Com FreeSpeak II and FreeSpeak Arcadia Central Station. Edge is not only perfect for theatre, as it supports the traditional I/O of 2-Wire and FreeSpeak II but we also see Edge doing really well for any corporate AV or broadcast installation. It is ideal in situations that require Dante, 4-wire and the average deployment of wireless users, thus avoiding the step up to the Arcadia/Matrix solutions. 


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