Clear-Com Releases Arcadia Central Station

Arcadia is the second significant hardware release from Clear-Com in a matter of weeks. Clear-Com do not release as often as we’d like but when they do, they do it really well. Arcadia looks like the FreeSpeakEdge Base Station that was launched a few weeks ago but this is a very different beast. So much so Clear-Com are deliberately going out of their way to label it as a ‘Central Station System’ and even have it sitting in its own product category on their website. It’s not just wired comms, it’s not just wireless comms. This is all encompassing.  

What’s different about Arcadia? It’s a scalable IP platform for the next generation intercom/talkback installations 

Gone are the days where you purchase an intercom solution at its maximum capability. Arcadia is an evolution towards license-based features and I/O, which is available in banks of 16 ports license. 

Incredibly it supports all generations of FreeSpeak (1.9 GHz (E1 & IP AES67 Transceivers), 2.4 GHz (E1 Transceiver) & the latest 5 GHz (IP AES57 Transceiver). This is amazing for existing users of FreeSpeak.  

Other features include:

  • 32 Belt Packs Supported 
  • 16 AES67 IP Transceivers Supported 
  • 10 E1 Transceivers 
  • Its I/O dense. Arcadia boasts up to 96 licenses ports and can be used as a master station itself.  
  • 64 DANTE ports 
  • 8 4-Wire ports 
  • 4 2-Wire ports 
  • HelixNet Integration in 2022. 
  • It has beautiful touch screens! 


Clear Com Arcadia


From a Tyrell perspective, we see Arcadia sitting in between a Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge/HelixNet and an Eclipse matrix system. Arcadia is going to be perfect for theatre as it supports the traditional I/O of 2-Wire and FreeSpeak whilst facilitating a migration towards adding HelixNet IP Partyline and Dante. We also see Arcadia doing well for any Corporate AV and Broadcast installations that require Dante, 4-wire and a large deployment of Wireless users and want to avoid the need to step into the Matrix cost area. 

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