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Cinedeck cineXtools software

Cinedeck cineXtools

We’ve teamed up with Cinedeck to provide you with an exclusive offer, now that the DPP AS11 metadata updater is no longer available.

As part of this offer, we will set you up with a 3 month extended free trial of cineXtools, which includes the AS11 metadata editor. There are so many features in the AS11 editor. Including:

  • Being able to import your own DPP XML to populate fields
  • Transcode your file to a DPP compliant AVC-I file
  • Instant metadata updates.

Making this the tool that you need for your AS11 file deliveries.

Tyrell’s extended license offer also includes access to all of cineXtools’ including insert-editing. If you’re not familiar with insert-edit, then imagine never having to re-export or re-transcode your file again to make a fix.

Additionally, you’ll also get cineXmeta, a Quicktime Pro replacement tool. As well as access to cineXplugins. Enabling you to insert-edit directly from Media Composer or Premiere.

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