Cinedeck develops innovative solutions that include video recorders, cineXtools (our standalone insert-edit software) and API toolsets for Insert Edit and AMA Plugins. At the core of all Cinedeck products is File-based Insert-Edit, a radical technology allowing considerable cost-savings and workflow efficiencies through essence level data overwrite of files.

Whether it’s SD, HD, 2K, UHDTV-1 or full 4K; multi-channel, multi-codec Cinedeck recorder / players provide all the flexibility you need. Working a single-camera shoot or multi-cam live event, creating or changing master deliverable files, managing telecine transfers, archiving and content migration – just about any production or post-production application, Cinedecks deliver unrivalled speed and versatility.

Cinedeck multi-channel recorders make multi-cam productions faster and smoother. We continue to design features with workflow flexibility in mind.

Their recorders support a wide variety or codecs, wrappers, formats, and resolutions. Control all the settings right from the display of the recorder or with their Multi-Channel Control app. Record your media directly to your networked storage or to a standard 2.5″ SSD.

From JPEG2000 archive formats to XAVC, ProRes and DNxHR 4K Multicam, Cinedeck recorders cover a wide range of ever-evolving workflows.

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LX is Cinedeck’s plug-in and play IP recorder that supports NDI, SRT and optionally IP-2110 inputs. It also features a brand new user interface that simplifies multi-camera ingest making it as user friendly as possible.

Features include:

  • Full – featured RESTful API Edit While Capture Closed Captions Support
  • Avid Media Central support Character Overlay
  • Audio Mapping
  • Playout while Record
  • Scheduling with conflict checking Segment Record
  • Flexible Storage Option
  • Hi-res / Proxy Recording Redundant Recording


CD2, Cinedeck’s windows based ingest software has all the features and benefits of the Cinedeck hardware platforms, but as a software only product. Stand out features include edit while you ingest, as well as playlist and playout and ingest. Supported inputs include 3G SDI, 12G SDI, SRT, NDI, IP2110.

ZX server

The ZX is a versatile production recording and playback server that lets you choose from an unrivalled selection of codecs, software tool sets and powerful hardware configurations. Cost-effectively customize a workflow workhorse that meets your specific ingest, playback and post-production needs for 4K/UHD, 2K, HD and SD.


Cinedeck RX2 is perfect for environments where space and weight is at a premium, and when cooling and power draw are of utmost importance. All the connections are designed with protection and accessibility in mind. Like it’s predecessor, the RX2 provides a full-featured UI in a conveniently small package.

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