Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. Telestream products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including capture and ingest; QC, live and on-demand encoding and transcoding; captioning, playback and inspection, delivery, live streaming; workflow automation, and video analytics and service assurance for the entire workflow.

Lightspeed Live Stream

Telestream Lightspeed™ Live Stream is an enterprise-class live streaming system that can ingest, encode, package and deploy multiple sources to multiple destinations.

Superior, scalable, real-time adaptive bit rate encoding for SD, HD and UHD HDR sources into AVC and HEVC. Lightspeed Live Stream can ingest multiple baseband SDI or IP video sources (MPTS, SPTS, RTMP) and encode multiple variants or ABR packages and deploy them to multiple destinations or host the origin.

Lightspeed Live Capture C2

Lightspeed Live Capture C2 server is a flexible and scalable video capture solution supporting two (2) SD/3G-HD SDI inputs, or Transport/RTMP IP inputs. Live Capture ingests into multiple video formats, creating high-resolution mezzanine concurrent H.264/AVC proxy files, and storing them to a large local media RAID or to external shared storage such as a NAS or SAN.

Live Capture can operate as a standalone capture device, a multiple server capture farm or be integrated directly into a Vantage domain of any size. Expanding the system is easy: to increase the channel count, simply add additional Lightspeed Live Capture servers, add their services through a common database and control them via common user interfaces. The integration of Lightspeed Live Capture servers with Vantage allows for unlimited workflow possibilities which makes this solution the most scalable, flexible and powerful media processing platform available today.

This two channel capture server is an ideal solution for news, live events including remote production and editing, or for tape archive through Log and Capture.​

Vantage for Capture option adds world class transcoding alongside Live Capture, and options for Live Stream, Live Edit, Avid integration and more.


Vantage® is a powerful, scalable, software-enabled media processing platform that manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Vantage allows content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transcode, QC, package, monetise, and distribute their media.

Vantage offers scalability from simple standalone systems to complex, multi-server systems to meet your growing business needs today and well into the future. Running on standard, off-the-shelf server hardware, or our GPU-accelerated Lightspeed Server, Vantage utilises all of the capabilities of today’s enterprise-level IT infrastructures and best practices.

Vantage Cloud Port

With Vantage Cloud Port, users can seamlessly execute Vantage workflow actions in the Cloud – paying only for cloud processing without the need for additional licenses, infrastructure, orchestration, or applications.

Media companies are rapidly adopting cloud solution for media processing. The cost-effective agility of hyper-scale cloud allows technology dollars to go further and be more tightly correlated to revenue. A growing number of options exist for processing media in the cloud, but none of them provide the world-class breadth of application-specific transcoding and workflow orchestration found in Vantage.

Enter Vantage Cloud Port, an industry first approach that couples the mature, feature-rich Vantage platform integrated with best-in-breed cloud processing management of Telestream Cloud, giving you flexible, hybrid media processing workflows.


Wirecast allows you to stream using multiple live cameras, bring in remote guests and screenshares, and dynamically mix in other media-like movies, images, and sounds. Easily add production features such as stinger transitions, instant replay, playlists, built-in titles, chroma key, virtual sets, live scoreboards and clocks. Wirecast is ideal for broadcasting professional-looking live internet shows, news, online gaming, sporting events, concerts, church services, corporate meetings, lectures and much more.

With Telestream’s Wirecast you can easily stream professional-looking video to Facebook, YouTube & Twitter and engage with your live audience by curating and displaying social media comments live on screen in your broadcasts.

Wirecast Gear

Wirecast Gear gives you an easy to use, fully configured live video streaming production system. Because we’ve already done all the work, there is no need to build your own system! Start streaming in minutes with an end-to-end system configured specifically for your needs. With Wirecast Pro included alongside Gear’s custom-designed hardware, it’s a live event production switcher, live news production system, Facebook Live switcher and YouTube Live switcher – all in one box.

Each model of Wirecast Gear comes with Xeon Server architecture, up to five HD-SDI or four HDMI professional camera inputs and all the live video streaming production features of Wirecast Pro, the Stock Media Library*, NewBlue Titler Live Complete, and Switch Player, all in a compact, powerful hardware system.

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