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Intinor are Swedish masters of high-quality video and audio encoders and routers designed for private and public networks. Intinor support ENG, Sports and Broadcast customers in their contribution and distribution workflows by supporting delivery to online platforms as well as traditional linear television.

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Direkt Link

Intinor has developed two series of its encoder Direkt Link that are used for high quality live broadcast over the internet and other IP networks. Direkt Link Encoders are used for field or facility contribution, sending onto their own or other manufacturers receivers and IPTV.

Intinor Direkt Link is extremely easy to use and very robust thanks to its ability to bond transport over LTE, 3G, 4G, KA/KU-SAT and public and private IP networks. Uniquely a Direkt Link is able to read a KA-SAT modem and adapt dynamically between 3/4G and KA-SAT.

A key feature of the Direkt Link is its ability to have multiple encoders working on a high and low encode for sending to broadcasters and online platforms such as twitch at the same time.

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Direkt Router

Intinor Direkt Routers are in facility routers designed to receive IP streams from the Direkt Link encoders and redistribute over IP networks or to break out incoming streams out to their Direkt Receiver or via SDI, HLS, NDI etc.

Direkt Routers are able to receive up to 36 IP inputs, not only from the Direkt Link but also HLS, RTMP inputs from the likes of Mist, Wowza or other CDNs. Where other services ask you to pay into a Cloud Service a Direkt Router will pay for itself in no time.

Further uses for the Direkt Routers would be to re-enode IP streams between Unicast and Mulicast, Add/Remove error correction or receive IP stream ‘a’ and re-encode to stream ‘b’. Direkt Routers are also able to add logo and graphics overlays to the stream.

The Direk Router is today they are more commonly also being used to provide support for remote commentary by providing clean feeds with talkback links and also return video.

Direkt Receiver

Where the Direkt Router is Intinor’s swiss army knife to receive any IP signal and re-encode, the role of the Receiver is simple, it’s role is to receive IP inputs from the Direkt Link or MPEG or H.264 transport streams and convert them to an SDI output.

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