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Founded in 2016, Twizted Design is a software solutions company that develops cloud based products for the video industry. Twizted Design focuses on enterprise solutions for media companies with scalability in its core.

Their vision is to democratize visual content production, to enable media companies to tell their stories better in a growing competitive environment. Twizted Design products are designed to answer the growing demand of technology savvy viewers worldwide.

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Videoflow enables media companies to deliver unique, personalised, and targeted video content, and add audience engagement overlays that viewers can interact with in real-time. Videoflow is an enterprise SaaS platform, designed to provide an end-to-end solution to handle live and VOD video streams.

Focused on content delivery, personalisation, and audience engagement, customers can utilise their video content better, and create new revenue streams and increase ROI. Videoflow audience engagement creates an active viewing experience for the audiences, increasing the overall viewing time and offers new ways to bring in advertisers and sponsors into the video streaming environment.


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Template Farm

Template Farm turns After Effects projects into beautiful, modern online templates. Producers can modify templates from anywhere at any time and create new content on the go. Template Farm is built to enable producers to create visual content with ease, without any design experience or technical knowledge.

With Template Farm, users get complete control of the content without the hassle of installing any software and with the comfortability of working from anywhere.

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