Cloud Economics – what‘s the rush and what’s the cost?

Media Production & Technology Show

Join our very own Nick Soper at The Media Production Show where he will be part of a panel of experts discussing ‘Cloud Economics – what’s the rush and what’s the cost?

Date: 11th May 2022

Time: 13:25-14:05

Location: Technology Theatre

Seminar Overview:

Fired by the pandemic the journey to cloud is definitely on but correct decision making can get lost in the rush. While more producers are migrating their workflows to cloud, many prefer to keep their data closer to home. Some companies are hesitant because they question whether cloud fits their business cycle. Cloud economics remains a serious impediment and can come as a shock. What’s more Cloud is not a zero-sum game with many types of virtualized and hybrid environment to consider.

Not every company is on the same journey or moving at the same pace. It pays to investigate which cloud works best for your business.

Experts at this session uncover wrinkles in the ‘cloud or bust’ narrative with guidance for making the right move at the right cost.