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MASV is the fastest file transfer for media workflows designed to quickly transfer heavy media files worldwide to meet fast-paced production schedules. MASV provides confidence as transfers are encrypted both in-flight and at-rest.

Unlike other solutions that are license subscription based on fixed monthly terms (transfer, capacity or bandwidth),  MASV offers a simple pay as you go cost plan or a commitment plan, its easy to get going by using the referral link below.

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MASV offers both, a browser and free desktop version of their transfer platform. The browser makes MASV a simple choice for orgnisations or workflows that prevent 3rd party applications to be installed. The desktop app provides greater performance and reliability, as well as faster file transfers. The MASV desktop version comes with acceleration features exclusive to the app like Multiconnect channel bonding, priority transfers, and automated workflows.

MASV make it easy to integrate into other media and cloud solutions such as Tyrell Cloud, FrameIO, Iconik, and MediaSilo etc.

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