E2 360 chooses AVIWEST

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Like many other individuals and businesses over the last 18 months, Nick Robinson has had to diversify and adapt in order to keep pace with the changes taking place within the events industry. In the midst of the pandemic in 2020 Nick established E2 360, a new venture brought out of the requirement for event organisers to move to a totally virtual way of delivering events. Nick’s clients who include event agencies and corporate companies needed to deliver high quality virtual events that continued to give attendees a memorable experience. All this of this had to be supported by a seamless and stable technical infrastructure managed by E2 360.

At the heart of E2 360’s remote studio was a main vMix system with a secondary system used as a backup. The vMix handled all of the switching as well as bringing in the remote contributors and mixing together the branded graphics to create the final event stream output.  This set-up had been working but E2 360 were expanding at such a rapid rate and were now managing higher profile and more complex events. Nick needed to ensure the smooth running of an event even if there was an outage or the system crashed. With his current set up if the VMix machine went down the whole event would go with it. Nick takes pride in delivering a professional service and he wanted to ensure that the technology matched that. He needed a disaster recovery solution, whereby the event would continue to be streamed even if the system.

The AVIWEST’s bonding technology and cloud restreaming capability was a clear stand out for Nick, as it would give him the confidence to deliver solid video streams even in the most challenging situations where connectivity is poor. That combined with the internal recording capabilities of the AVIWEST AIR 220 would give him a flexible and multipurpose solution enabling him to deliver a range of solutions to clients both remotely and on location.

“Adding the AVIWEST AIR 220 has enabled us to take the encoding away from vMix to deliver greater stability and ensure our streams are solid. It means that we can guarantee event attendees receive an engaging viewing experience without missing a beat,” commented Nick. “Virtual event trends are changing every few months, going from fully remote to hybrid. We are now able to keep pace with these changes as we can have a vision mixer and AVIWEST Air 220 in one location and a zoom operator in another.”


“I am so pleased with our new set up and really appreciated the collaborative and non-pushy approach from Tyrell,” remarked Nick. “My Initial contact with Tyrell started with a virtual demo with Dan and Ian Brash From AVIWEST. They answered all the questions I had and sent me a demo unit so that I could fully test it in a real-world situation. It meant I could ensure that it was the right solution for me. And it is.”

Over the last two months business has been going from strength to strength for E2 360, with revenue doubling the team now managing in excess of thirty events a month. The company has grown so much that Nick has now taken on a larger commercial space so that he can manage an increasing number of projects and has the space to expand the team.