Simplifying Live Post Production with Tyrell Cloud Capture and Cinedeck

Live Sport Production

Live Sport Production

Since we launched Tyrell Cloud at MPTS in May, we’ve been going from strength to strength. Recently, TVB Europe published an article explaining how Tyrell Cloud – a turnkey managed cloud service – is being used by UK-based production company Mallinson Sadler Productions (MSP). At MPTS, we also demonstrated Tyrell Cloud Capture, the ingest of live SRT streams with AWS MediaConnect and Cinedeck directly to EditShare shared storage. In this blog we want to elaborate on this so that producers creating fast turnaround TV, news, and sports can see the benefits that Tyrell Cloud brings to their productions.

For those who are unfamiliar, Cinedeck originally came to market with a digital deck that allowed users to capture from camera straight to disc. What was clever about this solution was that it allowed  for a master file and a proxy file to be captured at the same time, bypassing the ingest and transcode process ready for immediate editing.  Although quick and clever, this solution was very much about being on premise, where the deck digitises to itself or to network storage. More recently, Cinedeck has launched Capture2Cloud, an ingest server in the cloud supporting the recordings of ISO streams directly to the codec required for editing, making it simple for users to carry out on-demand cloud encoding of edit ready formats.

By adding Cinedeck into Tyrell Cloud we reduce the emphasis of on location infrastructure and capture live NDI or SRT streams to EditShare storage for immediate editing. Tyrell Cloud with Cinedeck, EditShare, NDI and SRT reduces geography, our value is making live events simple.

Tyrell Cloud Capture

The power of Tyrell Cloud allows users to login to their Tyrell Cloud portal, their virtual machine room and add the Tyrell Cloud Capture service without any cloud or vendor experience. Once launched the user enters the details of the stream to start securely ingesting from anywhere in the world. SRT is a secure low latency video stream; you can  be an outside broadcaster using an SNG truck for example, a full OB, or even a small flight case with cameras feeding a video encoder. Because that video encoder is sending streams via SRT, all those cameras are going to land in Tyrell Cloud, synchronised and locked together. That content is available immediately in the cloud for editing and no one is having to shuttle drives or servers, back and forth between sites. Not only is it quicker and easier, it’s also a much more sustainable and greener way of working.

Making Cloud Simple

Backing up our motto ‘Making Cloud Simple’,  we really do want to make it as quick and easy as possible for users to access and start editing live SRT streams. With Tyrell Cloud we have removed the requirement for our customers to have cloud knowledge, removed the user on boarding complexities and removed the fear of run-away costs. Our platform has revolutionised post production and streaming, productions can experience all the positives the cloud has to offer without the negatives. Anyone on the production project team can access and manage content in the Tyrell Cloud environment without needing technical cloud skills. It allows freelance editors working remotely to edit content in the cloud; they simply need to log into the virtual workstation as they would do a physical workstation. Customers can also choose a hybrid version. MSP, for example, has an EditShare both on-prem and in the cloud. The EditShare on-prem is used to land rushes and the team then choose which rushes go up into the cloud.

Tyrell Cloud provides huge flexibility; the customer can be running an edit facility in Tyrell Cloud and add an ingest server as a service as and when required. Customers can also decide when their service runs aligning operational costs with project cycles.

If you want to discuss further, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We can have your Tyrell Cloud service up and running in a matter of days.